Make 2016 the Year of Clean Energy! Join the Local Clean Energy Alliance!

As 2016 winds up and the Environmental Justice movement gathers global traction, we must fight for energy democracy at home. 

We at the Local Clean Energy Alliance have spent the past year working tirelessly to shift the energy paradigm from the current extractive centralized model to one of decentralized energy under democratic control. We are in the middle of an important uphill battle, at the local, state, and national level to establish community-based energy programs, and we must not stop now!

This is an appeal to join us. We need your membership and support to ensure that this work goes forward. Please, contribute to the Local Clean Energy Alliance, and by giving at least $25 you can become a member as well!


1)      Stop the ongoing destruction of the planet

On November 30th, “Cyber Monday,” the online equivalent to Black Friday, Americans spent over $3 Billion in a single day, breaking records in digital sales to the likes of Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Target, and Best Buy. As an alternative to this rampant consumerism, your joining the Local Clean Energy Alliance is helping preserve the earth rather than destroying it.

2)      Paris Doesn’t Change The Work We Need to Do

Now that the COP21 Paris climate talks have come to a conclusion, it is evident that the agreements will not reach far enough or deep enough to address the climate crisis. We must support our local climate justice organizations, like the Local Clean Energy Alliance, doing the real work taking place in our communities.

3)      Bill Gates Won’t Save Us

Stakeholders of the largest corporations met earlier this month at the Sustainable Innovations Forum, to find “big green” market solutions to the climate crisis. We know that corporate solutions haven’t been working; we cannot simply buy our way out of the climate crisis. The Local Clean Energy Alliance challenges this model, advocating a just transition based on democratizing energy.

4)      A Powerful Alternative

The Local Clean Energy Alliance advocates for an energy model that can empower our communities, a model based on equity, local economic development, and building resilient communities. Your membership demonstrates support for this unique approach to renewable energy development and the leadership shown by the Local Clean Energy Alliance.

5)      A Record of Accomplishment

We have seen many successes this past year, from our work on Community Choice energy in Alameda, to a successful and annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities conference, to leading the California Alliance for Community Energy, to organizing a national conversation on energy democracy. We even began a book club to read Naomi Klein’s This Changes Everything.

Click here for a full list of accomplishments.

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A one-year membership begins at $25, but please, if you are able, we ask that you give more! Your membership entitles you to a full-year subscription to the award-winning Earth Island Journal, and of course you will supporting an organization dedicated to true, equitable, climate justice.

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