East Bay Community Choice - Act Now!

August 2nd marks the next step for Alameda County’s quickly developing Community Choice Energy program: the Alameda County Board of Supervisors will vote on (1) approving a Joint Powers Authority agreement to propose to cities that wish to participate in the County’s Community Choice energy program, (2) accepting the Community Choice feasibility study, and (3) funding the next phases of establishing the program. 

The East Bay Clean Power Alliance, an Alameda County-wide alliance with support from fifty-six community organizations, is calling on County Supervisors to make sure that community benefits and community involvement are at the core of an East Bay Community Choice program. After a recent victory against a proposed coal export terminal in West Oakland, let us reaffirm the need for a clean energy future and clean energy jobs in the East Bay!

As supporters know, Community Choice energy is an innovative alternative to the energy supplied by our investor-owned utility: PG&E. It enables cities and counties to choose where the electricity that powers their homes and businesses will come from. Such a program has the potential to bring equitable economic development and jobs to communities throughout the county and increase the amount of electricity that comes from clean and renewable energy resources.
Additionally, the program can prioritize community-based development, control, and ownership of renewable resources, retain and reinvest electricity revenue within our communities, spur economic development in low-income communities and communities of color, create family-sustaining and union jobs, and benefit local businesses. 
Add your voice to the East Bay Clean Power Alliance’s call for the Board of Supervisors to create a Community Choice energy program that prioritizes the development of local clean energy projects, adopts the goals approved by a steering committee of city representatives and community leaders, and includes community representation on the governing board of the program. Call on the County to plan now for local renewable energy development that will provide important economic and environmental benefits to our communities.
Three things you can do to call for a community choice program that brings real benefits to East Bay communities:
If you live in Alameda County, email your County Supervisors asking them to make the most of this opportunity to create local jobs and cut greenhouse gas emissions by prioritizing the development of local renewable resources.
2. Share the form letter on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms. 
Please use #cleanpowertothepeople on your posts!
Sample Tweet:  Want to create local clean energy jobs in #AlamedaCounty? Click here to send a letter to the board of supervisors: h/tinyurl.com/ComChoice
3. Come to the County Board of Supervisors’ Meeting and Rally on August 2nd!
Time:  8:30am Community Press Conference 
   9:30am - 11:30am Board of Supervisors Meeting
Date:  Tuesday, August 2nd
Location:  County of Alameda Administration Building, Board Chambers
        1221 Oak Street, 5th Floor (off Lake Merritt BART)
        Oakland, 9461
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Join the Local Clean Energy Alliance and the East Bay Clean Power Alliance at this critical press conference and meeting to make sure that the joint powers agreement includes a written commitment to our community benefit goals and a mechanism for direct community involvement in the governance of the program.