A Crucial Time for East Bay Community Choice Energy

On August 2nd, the Alameda County Board of Supervisors will be approving a Joint Powers Authority agreement to be proposed to cities in the county that wish to participate in the county’s Community Choice energy program. 
As supporters of local clean energy know, Community Choice energy programs are a powerful way for communities to address the impact of climate change by cutting energy consumption, switching to renewable energy sources, and building local renewable electricity generation. 

By investing in local clean energy resources, Community Choice programs can spur local economic development in the community, provide good local clean energy jobs, offer competitive electric utility bills and price stability, reduce pollution, bolster local businesses, strengthen community resilience, and provide other important community benefits.
Since the beginning of this year, Alameda County has been fast-tracking the establishment of its Community Choice energy program. But it has done so without a clear plan for prioritizing the development of local renewable resources, as needed to provide the community benefits mentioned above. Furthermore, it has shown no commitment for community representatives to be involved in decision-making about the design, policies, or implementation of the program. 
A coalition of East Bay Community Choice advocate organizations—the East Bay Clean Power Alliance—is calling on County Supervisors to make sure that community benefits and community involvement are at the heart of an East Bay Community Choice program. 
The Alliance is calling for the Joint Powers Authority agreement to include a written commitment to strong community benefit goals and a mechanism for direct community involvement in the governance of the program. The Alliance is also calling attention to the need to plan now for investment in local renewable energy development that will provide important economic and environmental benefits to our communities.
Come on August 2nd to speak out and make sure that the Board of Supervisors will establish a community choice program that has real benefits for our community! (RSVP on Facebook)
For more information, contact Jessica Tovar, Coordinator of the East Bay Clean Power Alliance at jessica@localcleanenergy.org.


Note: original date for Board of Supervisors meeting was July 19th, date revised per change in Board calendar.