REFOCUS Launched

On October 13th, the Energy Democracy Project launched its REFOCUS campaign (Reimagining Energy For Our Communities, US). This campaign invites organizers, activists and advocates of energy democracy from Alaska to Puerto Rico to connect to further collective aims of energy democracy and an end to the unreliable, dangerous, profit driven energy system.

REFOCUS builds on work already happening in many communities including LCEA in the East Bay and Casa Puebla in Puerto Rico who have taken considerable steps to provide safeguards against the system that has failed people again and again in the face of climate disasters. Rooted in justice and relationships, REFOCUS pushes us all to think and work together to envision the energy system of the future.

The launch on October 13th was just the beginning, and REFOCUS is kicking-off its growth over the coming years with 3 key actions. 

  1.   SHOW UP by signing up for the Quick Solidarity Response Program. In 10 minutes or less, you can easily commit to supporting the move of earmarked federal money to advance energy justice in Puerto Rico.
  2.     SHARE by inviting others to join the REFOCUS campaign.  Sign up and ask your partners to join the REFOCUS newsletter where you'll learn about ways to stay involved and receive creative tools to leverage like the 2022 REFOCUS zine and stories in the energy democracy movement.
  3.     AMPLIFY by re-sharing and re-tweeting about the REFOCUS campaign on Instagram and Twitter. There's also a social pack, where you access social media templates and easily get the word out about our collective vision for a #ReimaginedEnergy system.