Thursday: Reject PG&E's Wildfire Plan - Let's Finish the Job.

(10/2021) Last month, as PG&E was seeking another rubber stamp for their failing wildfire plans, LCEA members rose up and demanded that they be held accountable for the fires, smoke, and devastation in our communities, and no longer get a pass from California regulators. 

It worked- but this Thursday (10/21) we’ve got to finish the job.

At their September 23rd meeting The California Public Utilities Commission did not approve PG&E's Wildfire Mitigation Plan. This is a document that is supposed to describe how the utility will work to keep Californians safe- but the plan PG&E submitted would cause more dangerous shutoffs, leave communities vulnerable to fire, and massively increase rates on Californians. 
The vote on that shortsighted plan is coming back to the CPUC on Thursday- and this time, we’ve got to make them reject it outright. 
Will you: