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Earlier this year East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) staff proposed gifting $15M to put their name on an asthma center & endow a professorship. We knew this move was off course of the Local Development Business Plan–EBCE’s roadmap for clean energy solutions.  The proposed gift was also legally questionable.

Local Clean Energy Alliance organized with the community to demand that EBCE use the funds to address root causes of asthma. The EBCE board of directors heard us and at the Executive Committee meeting on October 28, agency staff presented a new proposal for that money to now be used to jumpstart the building electrification transition. 
Check out this article to learn more.

Energy Democracy means we engage in shaping the energy solutions we want to see in our communities. This means fighting the bad and advancing the good. We advocated for Community Choice policies in the state to have a voice in our energy system, unlike investor owned utilities that are beholden to their investors. Community Choice is governed by local elected officials and that means we are the decisionmakers of our energy needs–this is energy democracy in action!  Our power lies in people powered advocacy for local clean energy centered in equity.

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