Steering Committee

Jessica Tovar

Jessica Tovar is a staff organizer for the Local Clean Energy Alliance. After growing up in East Los Angeles, Jessica worked for over a decade as an environmental justice organizer in a variety of urban, rural, and indigenous communities throughout California and Arizona. Jessica interned with the Environmental Justice and Climate Change Initiative in 2003, working with organizations across the U.S. on issues of climate justice. More recently she has been an organizer for Communities for a Better Environment in Richmond, California, where she successfully mobilized against expansion of the Chevron oil refinery. Jessica enjoys comedy, art, traveling, and spending time with family.

Megan O'Neil

Megan O’Neil is a project manager at the Local Clean Energy Alliance, where she leads the East Bay Shared Solar Collaborative and developing our donor base.  Megan joined the team with over seven years of international experience in environmental issues, sustainable development, energy efficiency, and finance.  After several years in Mongolia and Nepal, Megan is happy to be back in her hometown of Oakland, contributing to climate change solutions rooted in local empowerment and social, environmental, and climate justice. Megan holds a B.A. from Kenyon College in Economics and Environmental Studies. She enjoys dancing, singing, frolicking in nature, smashing concrete, and spending time with loved ones.

Al Weinrub

Al Weinrub has served as coordinator of the Local Clean Energy Alliance since March 2011. He has organized regular Alliance meetings, planned our annual Clean Power, Healthy Communities conference, recruited new members, and assisted with policy development and campaign implementation efforts. He authored Community Power: Decentralized Renewable Energy in California, has conducted energy policy briefings for a number of organizations. Al serves on the Sierra Club California Energy-Climate Committee and is a past national officer and member the National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981, AFL-CIO. He lives in Oakland.

Barbara Stebbins

Barbara Stebbins spent nine years in research science before deciding she would rather teach as a middle school science teacher, which she did for fifteen years. She has actively worked for social justice and environmental causes since she was 16 years old. Currently her efforts are focused on promoting local clean energy and other ways of addressing climate change. She feels that clean energy advocacy must be rooted in the understanding that social justice issues and environmental issues are inexorably linked. Barbara has a Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from University of California at Berkeley.

Larry Chang

Larry Chang received his M. Arch. from Yale University and is a registered architect who has worked across the U.S. on both commercial and residential projects. In 1999, he established SightWorks Architecture, his own practice committed to sustainability, accessibility, and healthy buildings. On the academic side, he has taught design at the Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette, Savannah College of Art & Design, and City College SF. Currently, he manages the Building Efficiency for a Sustainable Tomorrow (BEST) Center  at Laney College, where he promotes and helps to develop environmental control technology, building automation, and energy management degree programs nationwide. Prior to joining our Steering Committee, Larry was co-chair of the Oakland Small Business Task Force, helped to co-author the SF Urban Wind Power Task Force Report, and served on Habitat for Humanity-East Bay's Green Building Team.

June Brashares

June Brashares is a policy analyst, political strategist, and community organizer with over twenty years of experience working on social justice and environmental issues. A lifelong clean energy enthusiast, June was the first person to receive a tax credit for a zero emission vehicle in San Diego County. She holds a BA in Political Science from UCSD, has served on the boards of a number of non-profit advocacy organizations, and has worked at CalPIRG, the Center for Public Interest Law, and the San Diego Labor Council. More recently, she has worked at Global Exchange first as Speakers Bureau Director and later as Green Energy Director. June is now working independently on a variety of energy and sustainability projects from her home in Sonoma County.

Jim Lutz

Jim Lutz is a researcher employed at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory where he works primarily on understanding and improving the efficiency of water heaters and hot water distribution systems. He is a registered professional engineer and licensed building contractor in California. His interest in local clean energy was raised even higher after his experience serving on the Oil Independent Oakland city task force in 2007.