No energy grid required with Bloom Electrons

Bloom Energy, operating from the Silicon Valley, is pioneering a clean energy source dubbed the Bloom Box. The Bloom Box is a self-contained source of energy. So far its on-site application has been cost prohibitive for the mainstream. To nudge the Bloom Box to the mainstream, Bloom Energy is starting a finance program that connects companies to Bloom Box power without the capital investment within the technology. This could help many individuals get Bloom Box without needing a payday loan to sign up.

Press Release San Bruno Gas Explosions


September 15, 2010 

Contact Kirsten Schwind, Local Clean Energy Alliance,

work: (510) 834-0420, cell: (510) 318-0610


Clean Energy Doesn’t Blow Up:Local Clean Energy Alliance Calls on PG&E to Halt Expansion of Natural Gas Infrastructure, Focus on Safety and Clean Energy Instead 


Reduce Your Footprint in 2010: a free community workshop

Thursday, February 25, 7pm

Are you part of a congregation, neighborhood association, workplace, PTA or other community group? Are you a concerned citizen? Come discover resources right here in Berkeley to help you reduce your personal and collective carbon footprint, save energy and money!

At this workshop you will:

-Find out how your lifestyle practices and the choices you make as community groups impact greenhouse gas emissions;

-Discover how you can significantly reduce your personal and community emissions though an exciting and no-cost 4-session program;

Cooperative Solar Purchasing

Last weekend, my colleagues in the Local Clean Energy Alliance
Kirsten, Leah and I carpooled to a workshop by the Downtown San Jose
Solar Project about their experiences setting up a community-based
cooperative purchasing agreement.


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