CHECK IT OUT: Community Choice, Community Power Video!

Check out our classic video, created by Tree Ring Productions, highlighting the great work of the Local Clean Energy Alliance in promoting community-based energy! 
In 2014, in the Local Clean Energy Alliance teamed up with Tree Ring Productions and initiated a crowd--funding campaign on IndieGoGo to raise the money needed to finance a new promotional video. Headed by Beverly Markiewicz, a former Local Clean Energy Alliance intern, Tree Ring Productions agreed to share the cost of production if enough funds were raised, and thanks to supporters and allies like you, the Local Clean Energy Alliance reached its goal!
Shot at various events in 2014, this video showcases the grassroots movement in the East Bay to democratize energy. From rallies against AB2145—a bill aimed at dismantling Community Choice energy programs in California—to the April 5th Growing Clean Energy & Jobs conference in East Oakland, to clean energy advocates speaking out at Alameda County Board of Supervisor meetings, this video shows how a growing movement is working to bring Community Choice energy and community power to the East Bay and to California!