February 13th Meeting

Please join us for the February 13th General Meeting of the Local Clean Energy Alliance.

We will be reviewing the status of the Energy Greenprint document and having a general discussion on strategy.

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General Meeting

Local Clean Energy Alliance
6-8p, February 13th

Bay Localize
2nd Floor Conference Room
436 14th Street
Oakland, CA 94612

Note: the closest BART station is 12th St.

Energy Greenprint status update
General Strategy Discussion

Next steps


The Local Clean Energy Alliance of the East Bay
A group of organizations, businesses, and citizens has formed to
promote local production and procurement of "clean energy" — energy
derived from renewable, non-fossil, and non-nuclear sources. Local Clean Energy Alliance
members come from groups like the Sierra Club, Pacific Environment,
Kyoto USA, Rainforest Action Network, green energy companies, and the
popular Nomad Cafe. Many are just concerned citizens. We're working in
Oakland, Berkeley, and Emeryville to educate the public and encourage
those city councils to adopt a clean, reliable, and affordable energy
system for their residents.

The centerpiece of our agenda thus far has been forwarding a
Community Choice energy system in the East Bay. San Francisco and Marin
counties have already taken the lead by moving forward on their own
community energy plans. Navigant, a consulting firm that cities are
using to help them devise their plans, found that Marin will be able to
achieve comparable rates as PG&E while achieving more than 50%
renewable power within a few years. Key decisions on these plans will
be made in 2008.

We feel a real momentum is building in the East Bay help push
renewable energy and make it into a growth industry. With your help, we
are confident that we can accomplish our goals.

Sign on to Our Platform!
If you're a business, organization, or concerned individual wishing to pledge your support for our efforts, please
sign on to our platform
! Our goals are to:

  • Provide 50% of our power from renewables by 2017
  • Maximize local production of clean energy
  • Offer stable and affordable rates for all
  • Create local business opportunities and green-collar jobs
  • Allow local businesses and residents can sell back excess energy to the grid
  • Mandate aggressive energy conservation
start date: 
Wednesday, February 13, 2008 - 18:00
Wednesday, February 13, 2008 - 20:00