Creating Resilient Communities: East Oakland Resiliency Hub Workshop

(10/2022) Local Clean Energy Organizers Nyah Tisdell and Jessica Tovar visited the youth group at Lions Creek Crossing. They led a workshop to emphasize the importance and benefits of having locally sourced energy supply environmental justice communities.

Everyone Under the Sun rally at the Capitol was a success

(10/2022) Update originally written by Solar Rights Alliance

Major thanks to so many organizations for making the October 11th Everyone Under the Sun rally a success. We counted a bit more than 1,000 attendees, a remarkable turnout for a hot day in the middle of the week in Sacramento.

REFOCUS Launched

On October 13th, the Energy Democracy Project launched its REFOCUS campaign (Reimagining Energy For Our Communities, US). This campaign invites organizers, activists and advocates of energy democracy from Alaska to Puerto Rico to connect to further collective aims of energy democracy and an end to the unreliable, dangerous, profit driven energy system.

Will East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) Board members vote to build resilience in the community they claim to serve?

(09/2022) The Local Clean Energy Alliance urges you to pressure the East Bay Community Energy (EBCE) board of directors to redirect the proposed $15 million of ratepayer funds into investments for our energy needs such as those in the local development business plan programs, instead of giving it away to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital. EBCE was established as an energy service provider not a medical research agency.

REFOCUS Campaign Launch

(09/2022) REFOCUS is a call to action from Alaska to Puerto Rico, standing in solidarity with frontline communities who are leading the transition to energy justice by advancing reimagined energy systems.

Please join us for the official launch event on October 13th from 11am-12:30pm PT to be a part of this unified movement for energy justice! 

Elsa Wefes-Potter

(09/2022) Elsa Wefes-Potter (she/they) is an Energy Democracy Organizer with the Local Clean Energy Alliance.

In 2021, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s in physics and political science, where she also was part of the Civic Scholars program and worked on fossil fuel divestment and Palestinian liberation awareness. Towards the end of her time at Penn, she shifted her academic focus from physics to energy engineering as well as climate and environmental science.

Meet AJ, our Rising Sun–Energy Democracy Organizer

(09/2022) Albert Jinyue Yuan, or AJ (he/him), is part of the Climate Careers program at Rising Sun Center for Opportunity and is currently externing as an Energy Democracy Organizer at Local Clean Energy Alliance (LCEA).

AJ was born and raised in Delaware and attended UC Davis, where he majored in Environmental Science and Management. He is planning to pursue a career in environmental law, and is hoping to work on climate policy.  But most importantly, his interest in organizing paired with law and policy demonstrates his values of centering community voices on energy issues that affect them.

EBCE–Community Choice or Corporate Charity?

Photo credit: California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA), 2020 Report(07/2022) The Local Clean Energy Alliance urges you to pressure East Bay Community Energy (EBCE)’s board of directors to redirect the proposed $15 million dollars of ratepayer funds into local development business plan programs instead of giving it away to UCSF Benioff Children's Hospital.

Cancel PG&E! San Francisco Action For Our Energy Future

(07/2022) Hundreds of Californians killed. Millions left without power. Billions of dollars in damages. And PG&E's CEO and wall street investors are still raking in huge profits, while our bills are going up.

We need a new energy future, beyond PG&E, one that centers the lives of the Black, brown, disabled, low income, and other communities punished the most by this deadly, dirty, extractive, expensive energy utility.


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