Point of Sale Energy Conservation Ordinances

There is so much potential for energy efficiency that’s not being realized. Barriers include lack of financing, lack of marketing, and lack of information and transparency in PG&E programs. Promoting energy efficiency policies as a low-level background campaign can build strategic ties with industry allies and maintain our legitimacy as a serious energy coalition.

One of the key strategies for advancing EE are point of sale ordinances such as Berkeley's RECO (Residential Energy Conservation Ordinance) policy which requires homes to meet energy efficiency standards when sold (CECOs affect commercial properties). Berkeley is finalizing their updated RECO policy in Fall 2010, and it will need serious political support. Richmond is in the slow process of pioneering a RECO specifically for a housing market hard-hit by foreclosures, with an emphasis on capturing investment from banks. Oakland's draft Energy & Climate Action Plan has a RECO policy.