Energy Efficiency Programs

It is often said that the “cleanest kilowatt is the kilowatt we don’t use.” The state of California recognizes that energy conservation and efficiency are the best and least expensive paths toward a clean energy grid. Making the East Bay more energy efficient will save energy, reduce emissions, lower bills, and lessen the city’s consumption of natural resources. In addition, better insulated buildings improve comfort and lessen illnesses for residents and workers. Furthermore, great potential exists to stimulate economic investment and job creation by using the money saved through conservation for building efficiency improvements. Energy efficiency programs often pay for themselves quickly, which benefits the investor.

Community Choice Energy offers a dramatic opportunity to ramp up energy efficiency technology deployment due to two major factors: (1) Community Choice programs have a greater incentive to invest in energy efficiency than IOUs, and (2) there is high potential for reinvestment of “Public Goods” surcharges in the East Bay. A Community Choice Energy program in the East Bay could place the highest priority on energy efficiency improvements that reduce the need for new energy resources, power lines and substations and make living in the Bay Area more affordable for low-income households.