A Volunteer's Take on Building a Green Future at Laney College

My name is Eric Heaney, I am a software engineer and game designer. During the week I write software, but on the weekend I am a cross-pollinator, connecting local changemakers to each other to solve big problems.
On April 17, I was fortunate enough to head over to Laney College for a tour of their facilities and specifically their green labs with the Local Clean Energy Alliance. I learned a lot about up and coming techniques and technologies that are being employed to make our homes and communities of the future cleaner, greener, and brighter. 

From architecture and carpentry of net zero buildings which are capable of producing as much energy as they consume, to understanding how important heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) are to conserving energy in your home and businesses. I got to explore the campus labs and talk to the faculty about their programs and how they focus on training students to join the workforce in building clean, green, energy efficient solutions across multiple disciplines.
The day ended with a discussion about East Bay Community Energy (EBCE), Alameda County’s new Community Choice program. EBCE is committed to creating local clean energy resources and jobs in the county. This is the first step in not only bringing 100% renewable energy to our communities but also in moving away from a centralized remote electric grid; creating local jobs and giving residents and businesses the choice of where their power comes. What a green future!
It is up to everyone to continue to be educated and informed so that we can make the best possible decisions for the future.

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