Local Clean Energy Alliance Campaigns

Comprehensive and Equitable Energy Reduction

We advocate for reduction in overall energy use through increased efficiency and conservation, as an essential component of decentralized energy systems. We promote policies and programs that advance deep building energy efficiency upgrades, broad-based and affordable financing mechanisms, and pathways for local residents into clean energy jobs. As a result of our advocacy, these perspectives have been incorporated into Oakland’s Energy and Climate Action Plan. One particular focus has been on finding solutions that apply to multi-family residential buildings.

Local Renewables: Beyond Net Metering

We advocate for local renewable energy development as an economic platform for creating jobs and revenue for cities while helping them meet their greenhouse gas reduction goals. We promote policies and programs that advance community-scale energy generation and programs that enable energy financing and ownership for low-income communities.

This year we hope to address the dynamic situation regarding California net metering: both the attack from the utilities and the changes from AB 327 that will usher in what is being called Net Metering 2.0. We will look at the true value to the electricity system of local renewable generation, how that gets represented in electricity retail pricing structures, and how local generation can be encouraged through feed-in tariffs and other policy mechanisms. A key aspect of this effort is to identify strategic allies and work with them to advocate for proposals that reflect the program we desire.

Community Choice Energy in the Bay Area

We advocate for Community Choice energy programs, as provided for by California’s AB 117 (2002), which allows local governments to pool or “aggregate” electricity customers to form a local electricity agency. Community Choice puts communities in control of the procurement of electricity, while the incumbent investor-owned electric utility delivers and services the electricity for customers.

Community Choice energy can be a powerful vehicle for the development of local, democratically controlled, renewable energy resources that meet community needs. The Alliance has played a central role in developing and securing passage of San Francisco’s CleanPowerSF Community Choice program and in launching the Clean Energy & Jobs Oakland campaign for establishing a Community Choice energy program in the East Bay.

While each Community Choice initiative is local in nature, broad regional coordination and support can be decisive to the success of each effort. We’re working to build a Bay Area wide political base for defending and expanding local Community Choice initiatives that emphasize the development of local renewable energy resources.

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