Creating Resilient Communities: East Oakland Resiliency Hub Workshop

(10/2022) Local Clean Energy Organizers Nyah Tisdell and Jessica Tovar visited the youth group at Lions Creek Crossing. They led a workshop to emphasize the importance and benefits of having locally sourced energy supply environmental justice communities.

Nyah led a presentation on Creating Resilient Communities which covered the definition of resiliency hubs and microgrids. Throughout the presentation, the youth were able to share their thoughts and life experiences while discussing the importance of having resilience in our communities.

Jessica led an interactive activity to demonstrate the strength that resiliency hubs create in environmental justice communities. Each youth member was given a card with character description of a fictional community member with different helpful attributes and specific needs. Through use of conversation and sharing of information on the cards, the youth were able to learn how important it is to be connected especially in times of disaster.

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