Equity in Clean Energy: Two New Programs

(09/2021) As you know, the East Bay Clean Power Alliance have been advocates for equity in clean energy for years.  We have been spreading the word on emerging programs & projects coming out of East Bay Community Energy that are beneficial to community members that have been systematically shut out of the clean energy economy.  If you have not heard already, there are two really great programs being launched now; the Medical Baseline Battery Program and also a community solar access program called Community Solar Green Tariff (CSGT).  

Medical Baseline Battery program

East Bay Community Energy has launched a medical baseline battery program that includes a giveaway of 50 free batteries to medical baseline residents in East Oakland that live in these two zip codes; 94605 & 94619. These zip codes were determined to be vulnerable to public safety power shut offs—shut offs instituted by PG&E to prevent fires on high wind days. If you think you qualify for the giveaway, check your email for a message from EBCE and respond as this giveaway is first come, first served! For other medical baseline customers in EBCE territory; Alameda County & City of Tracy you can purchase the batteries and receive $2000 in rebates. These portable batteries retail for $3400, but after rebates from EBCE & PG&E, your final cost will be $1400 and there is assistance to finance the purchase.  The portable battery is Goal Zero Yeti 1.8 kW/3.0 kWh which can power oxygen concentrator, medical suction pump, dialysis machine, BiPAP, electric wheelchair charger etc.
Do you use a medical device (CPAP as an example) and are not enrolled in a medical baseline program?  Sign up for the medical baseline program here.
Community Solar Green Tariff program
This program is specifically targeted to provide access to local solar plus a 20% bill discount for low-income households in disadvantaged communities, primarily for those in the CARE/FERA discount programs. This program adds local solar on the grid and provides 20% bill discounts for households and local non-profits within disadvantaged communities (DACs) as defined by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) using the CalEnviro Screen. To see if an address is in an East Bay DAC enter an address here. This is a grid-side solar project that requires a non-profit or government CSGT “sponsor” like a church, school or organization.  The sponsor can participate in the program by helping to promote the CSGT program, recruit community subscribers (living within a five mile radius from the solar project) and could participate in the siting of the solar system—this project is not necessarily on the site of the sponsor.  It can be either rooftop or a ground mount solar system in the community—our public spaces.  If an organization becomes a sponsor, they can receive funding for organizing and promoting the CSGT program.
Are you affiliated with a non-profit or government agency that could be a sponsor of the Community Solar Green Tariff program? Non-profits and governments can sign up here.  If you would like to learn more about EBCE’s Community Solar Green Tariff, check out their webpage with FAQs, webinar recordings and more here.
If you are behind on bills, under or unemployed, you could be eligible for CARE/FERA discount programs or other relief programs.  Click here to learn more.
Contact Jessica Tovar jessica@localcleanenergy.org if you have any questions.