Focus Groups on Electrification in Hayward + Presentation Monday May 13

The Hayward Equitable Electrification Collaborative, a partnership between the Local Clean Energy Alliance, Cal State University East Bay (CSU East Bay), and the City of Hayward Environmental Services, is dedicated to promoting a just transition to all-electric alternatives for households, particularly within Hayward's Spanish-speaking communities.

Central to this effort are committed public health students from CSU East Bay who serve as community outreach workers. They play a vital role in the Hayward Electrification Project by conducting active canvassing to gather valuable feedback and insights.

In our latest progress update, our student interns have collected 86 surveys, bringing us close to our goal of 100. One significant finding is that only 13.88% of the Spanish-speaking community is familiar with electrification, underscoring a critical awareness gap.

We invited 20 respondents to participate in a focus group based on these surveys. The aim was to inform Hayward residents about the city's clean energy and electrification plans and gather their feedback. Participants were encouraged to share additional information, voice concerns, or suggest better community engagement strategies.

During the two focus groups conducted, a recurring theme emerged among renters: a lack of support from landlords or property management regarding unit maintenance and repairs. Participants expressed frustration over landlords' reluctance to invest in repairs or their imposition of limits on tenant-initiated improvements. However, despite these challenges, the feedback on electrification was overwhelmingly positive, providing a beacon of hope for the project's success.

Additionally, participants highlighted a need for more information on this topic from the City of Hayward. Most relied on PG&E for updates, receiving information primarily through their monthly utility bills. This underscores the need for the city to proactively engage with this demographic through various channels such as flyers, signs, social media, radio, and TV.

Community residents expressed a desire for access to energy-efficient appliances in their homes, signaling a clear opportunity for the city to meet their needs and promote sustainable practices. This presents a promising avenue for the city to enhance its outreach efforts and support its residents' transition to cleaner energy solutions, instilling a sense of optimism about the project's potential impact.

If you would like to learn more, join the Hayward City Council Sustainability Committee Monday May 13 at 5:00pm remote or in person. Details will be posted closure to the date here: