LCEA Joins Global Call for Ceasefire and Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

In the midst of the violence we are witnessing in Gaza, the Local Clean Energy Alliance asks our supporters to please call your representatives and demand a ceasefire in Gaza, an end to additional military aid to Israel and the immediate entry of humanitarian relief to Gaza.

In alignment with Jewish Voice for Peace, If Not Now, the Palestinian Youth Movement, the US Campaign for Palestinian Rights, the United Nations Security Council (sans USA) and countless international humanitarian organizations, LCEA stands in solidarity with those experiencing ethnic cleansing and genocide. The particular violence of the total blockade on Gaza during this time, blocking access to humanitarian aid, has put on display the critical role that access to electricity plays in people’s survival. The Local Clean Energy Alliance works to ensure equitable access to clean energy because we know the vital role energy plays in all of our lives. The current round of violence in Gaza only reaffirms our commitment to this work here in the Bay and compels us to be in solidarity with those fighting for basic rights world wide. Call for a ceasefire, an end to additional military aid to Israel and immediate entry of humanitarian aid now! 

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