Local Clean Energy Intern Spotlight - Meet Hernando Sanchez, Equitable Electrification - Energy Democracy Organizer

Hernando Sanchez (he/him) is an Energy Democracy Organizer intern for the Local Clean Energy Alliance. He is leading the Hayward Equitable Electrification outreach team of six California State University East Bay (CSU East Bay) students. Hernando was born in Oakland, CA and grew up in the Bay Area.

Hernando began his academic journey as a firefighter student at Chabot College in Hayward, where he obtained his EMT certificate while pursuing his Fire 1 certification. During this time, his passion for Health Science emerged, inspiring him to transition to a four-year institution and pursue higher education. After completing the necessary coursework to transfer, Hernando embarked on his path as a Public Health major at CSU East Bay in 2021 and earned his bachelor's degree in the Fall of 2023.

Hernando focuses on gaining valuable experience within the public health sector, allowing him to explore various avenues and refine his interests. His aspirations include roles as a Health Educator or within the Health Administration, where he can make a meaningful impact on community wellness. Although expectations are high, he believes he can achieve anything as long as his motivation continues to strive for perfection. Beyond his professional pursuits, Hernando finds joy in exploration, whether through travel, outdoor adventures, or the camaraderie of sports. He cherishes moments spent with loved ones, recognizing the importance of balance and connection in a fulfilling life.