Last week, the Local Clean Energy Alliance joined organizations from around the state in the Fire Accountability Infrastructure for Ratepayers (FAIR California) Coalition to demand the CPUC reject ANOTHER proposed rate hike to line the pockets of CEOs and investors.

The CPUC has been writing blank checks to the investor-owned utilities for far too long, at the cost of low income families of color who face ever increasing energy burdens. Email, Call and Comment to reject this rate hike at the CPUC voting meeting on November 16 at 11am!

Write to the CPUC and tell them to reject the proposed rate hike!

  • Go to the CPUC website and click "Add Public Comment"
  • Complete the public comment form and hit submit. You can use the points above for your comment.
  • If you are part of an organization that is a party to this CPUC proceeding, please do not identify yourself as a member of that organization.

Speak at the November 16 CPUC voting meeting. You can comment in person in El Centro or by phone.  Additional information about the public comment process is available here.

Call into the CPUC on Thursday 11/16, to demand an end to skyrocketing rates!


Fire Accountability Infrastructure for Ratepayers (FAIR California) is a diverse coalition of California utility ratepayers, labor unions, consumer advocates, public safety, small business, and environmental groups who have had enough of rising utility rates and the lack of progress on wildfire prevention. By holding PG&E accountable for how it spends ratepayer dollars, we can accelerate wildfire hardening and lower utility rate increases, and protect our most vulnerable residents.

One of PG&E’s primary justifications for the rate hike is their proposal to underground transmission lines, an incredibly costly practice which guarantees a return on equity for investors. The Utility Reform Network and Reclaim our Power have argued that other proposals like insulating power lines or cutting back on transmission lines through build out of local clean energy would be just as or even more effective fire mitigation measures. We know better than to trust the investor owned utilities to propose what is best for the people.

Read about the FAIR California Coalition here.

Watch press coverage of the recent rally in front of the CPUC in San Francisco here and here.