Progress Report: Hayward Equitable Electrification - Spanish Community Outreach

The Hayward Equitable Electrification Collaborative, a dynamic partnership between the Local Clean Energy Alliance, Cal State University East Bay (CSU East Bay), and the City of Hayward Environmental Services, is making significant strides in its mission to lay the groundwork for an equitable electrification just transition. 

This fuel switch to all-electric alternatives for households, particularly within Spanish-speaking communities in Hayward is being discussed with the very communities often left out. At the heart of this endeavor are dedicated public health students from CSU East Bay who serve as community outreach workers.

These interns are instrumental in the Hayward Electrification Project, engagingin active canvassing to gather feedback and insights.

Our diligent student interns have collected 72 surveys in our latest progress update, nearing our goal of 100. Notably, our findings reveal that only 13.88% of the Spanish-speaking community is familiar with electrification, highlighting a crucial gap in awareness.

Additionally, a significant majority (87.50%) of respondents either possess or are aware of gas appliances in their homes, underscoring the prevalence of this issue. Moreover, 91.38% of surveyed individuals identify as renters, shedding light on their unique challenges in adopting electrification.

Our community outreach has highlighted residents' prevailing openness to electrification, tempered by a clear need for enhanced awareness and resources.

Respondents desire more information and support, particularly in navigating the transition as renters. These insights will inform forthcoming discussions in our focus group sessions, where we will delve deeper into these critical topics.

The Hayward Equitable Electrification Collaborative remains committed to empowering communities with the knowledgeand resources needed for a sustainable and equitable energy future through collaborative efforts and proactive engagement.