Take Action: Dixie Fire: It's Time to #BuryPGE

(07/2021) It's happening again. PG&E negligence has caused the Dixie Fire, quickly becoming one of the largest fires in California history. Just months after the CPUC passed the criminal corporation's Safety Certificate, yet another fire is endangering lives, lungs, and livelihoods.

 This has to end. Reclaim Our Power is demanding that the CPUC hold PG&E accountable and place them in stage 4 of the Enhanced Oversight process- on the path to cancelling their business license and taking our power out of the hands of Wall St. 
Will you join us and take action to #BuryPGE today? Click here to send a message to the CPUC. 
We'll also be calling in on Thursday, August 5th at 10 am to the CPUC meeting to demand they take action to #BuryPGE, not our families.