Elsa Wefes-Potter

(09/2022) Elsa Wefes-Potter (she/they) is an Energy Democracy Organizer with the Local Clean Energy Alliance.

In 2021, she graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s in physics and political science, where she also was part of the Civic Scholars program and worked on fossil fuel divestment and Palestinian liberation awareness. Towards the end of her time at Penn, she shifted her academic focus from physics to energy engineering as well as climate and environmental science.

Since graduating, Elsa has committed herself to land defense and resource sovereignty struggles, spending a year doing this work rooted in community.

With her background intersecting community support and renewable energy, when she recently landed in the bay, she naturally found her way to working in community energy organizing. When not working, reading, and discussing liberation in all its forms, Elsa enjoys working at a local community farm, cooking, drinking tea and being anywhere with trees and water.