SWITCH –Off This Movie!

It is very important in the overwhelming avalanche of news and documentary sources that we receive on energy issues that we carefully scrutinize the sources of that information before we let them guide our thinking.

The case of the film, Switch is a prime example of this.

Switch is subtle and effective fossil-fuel industry propaganda. It pretends to support clean energy while subtly shifting the viewer's attention away from truly renewable strategies to accepting that fossil fuels, biofuels, nuclear, and other harmful sources will inevitably play a role in fulfilling future energy needs. In reality, the movie serves to slow down the transition to clean energy solutions and perpetuate fossil-fuel industry profits as long as possible.

Do some digging on Switch and you will see that the Bureau of Economic Geology, a University of Texas/ State of Texas joint organization, which is managing and promoting the film, is focused on oil extraction. One of the top donors to the film is the American Association of Petroleum Geologists. Most of the other major donors are also geologist organizations, and the core business of the members of such organizations is oil and mineral extraction.

Most notably, the lead donor to the film is Peter O'Donnell Jr (through his O'Donnell Foundation). O'Donnell is a high powered Republican from Texas who used to be the Chair of the Texas Republican Party. He began his political activities supporting the campaign to draft Barry Goldwater to run for president. O'Donnell has donated massive amounts of money to Republican candidates, including George Bush. O'Donnell also heavily funds university research in sciences and engineering, undoubtedly in order to influence that research.

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Eric Brooks
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